1) For lunch, Jamie bought a 8-inch submarine sandwich. What fraction of a foot was Jamie’s sandwich? (1 foot = 12 inches) A) 5/12 ft

1)  For lunch, Jamie bought a  8-inch submarine sandwich. What fraction of a foot was Jamie’s sandwich? (1 foot = 12 inches) A)  5/12 ft B)  2/3 ft C)  7/12 ft D)  5/6 ft 2)  An 8-oz bottle of hair spray costs  $3.66. Find the unit price in cents per ounce. A)  36.6 cents per oz B)  29.28 cents per oz C)  45.75 cents per oz D)  0.4575 cents per oz 3)  On a biology test, a student got 25 questions correct but did not pass. On a second attempt, the student got  32 questions correct. What was the percent of increase? A)  28% B)  7% C)  72% D)  21.9% 1)  The restaurant bill is  $43.72. Give the estimate of a 15% tip and the exact amount of a 15% tip. A)  Estimate:  $2.00  Exact:  $2.19 B)  Estimate:  $8.00  Exact:  $8.74 C)  Estimate:  $4.00  Exact:  $4.37 D)  Estimate:  $6.00  Exact:  $6.56 2)  Alan walked  1/3 mi to the store and then another 5/4   mi to his friend’s house. How far did he walk? A)  3/4 mi B)  4/3 mi C)  6/7 mi D)  19/12 mi 3)  Anne and Michael both put $5000 in a savings account. Anne gets 8% APR compounded  monthly. In Michael’s account, the interest is compounded annually. Two years later the amount  in Anne’s account is exactly the same as the amount in Michael’s account. What can you  conclude about the interest rate for Michael’s account? A)  It is less than 8% APR. B)  It is greater than 8% APR. C)  There is not enough information to determine whether it is greater or less than 8% APR. D)  It is equal to 8% APR. 1)  Zero is a multiple of every number. A)  True B)  False 2)  Bob’s frog can travel  5 inches per jump, Kim’s frog can travel  9 inches, and Jack’s frog can travel   13 inches. If the three frogs start off at point 0 inches, how many inches will it be to the next  point that all three frogs touch? A)  27 inches B)  45 inches C)  585 inches D)  117 inches 3)  The stock market gained  21 points on Tuesday and lost  30 points on Wednesday. It had closed  on  Monday at  2630 points. Where did the market close on Wednesday? A)  2681 points B)  2579 points C)  2621 points D)  2639 points 1)  The bar graph below shows the number of students by major in the College of Arts and Sciences.   How many students are in the College of Arts and Sciences? A)  1050 B)  1325 C)  1250 D)  1225 2)  Consider the following spreadsheet: A                      B                           C 1                             Cost of Item ($)             4% Tax           Cost of Item ($) before tax                                         after tax added                           2                                        130                     5.2                              135.2 3                                        150                        6                                 156 What formula would you use to calculate the number in cell B2? A)  B2 =  0.4 A2 B)  B2 =  0.004 A2 C)  B2 =  0.04 A2 D)  B2 =  0.14 A2 3)  Give a verbal, visual, numerical, and graphic representation for the idea one and one-sixth. 1)  The last four answers were false, therefore the next will be  false. A)  Deductive B)  Inductive 2)  Practice makes perfect. Therefore, if I practice, I’ll be perfect. A)  Inductive B)  Deductive 3)  Write the negation of the following: A happy face is a smiling face. A)  A sad face is not a smiling face. B)  A sad face is a smiling face. C)  A smiling face is not a happy face. D)  A happy face is not a smiling face.

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