2.) Read Hughes’ “ ” and Lorde’s ” Both are short “coming of age” stories about young African Americans. However, the similarities end there. Hughes focuses on the relationship between

2.) Read Hughes’ “ ” and Lorde’s ”  Both are short “coming of age” stories about young African Americans.  However, the similarities end there.  Hughes focuses on the relationship between a young man and his church community.  Lorde focuses on a young girl experiencing her parents’ reaction to societal racism.  As usual, I just gave you the topic; now, you have to find the thesis.  is the point of the stories being told?  Can you find a thesis that they both share?  You should post (briefly) what you believe the thesis is for each of the individual essays.  Then, use section 9.3 from your reading from last week (the “Organizing and Drafting Your Narrative Argument” section.)  Using one of the essays, give a brief (one or two sentence) explanation of how the essay follows this trajectory.  For your convenience, here are the narrative elements from Chapter 9 Section 3: Your initial post should be approximately 300 words and be up by Wednesday night by 11:59pm. 3.)Read Chapter 6 in Argument Today to learn how we structure and execute a compare-contrast analysis.  Then, read Barry’s “ ” and Tannen’s “ .” The discussion this week will require you to compare and contrast two compare and contrast essays.  Mind blown, right!?! In your initial post, you should decide what the underlying thesis is for each essay.  Then, compare the two essays in terms of content (what is the author talking about?), tone (what is the author’s voice like?) and who you believe gets closer to a universal truth about gender.  The last point is a bit of an opinion; this should be a refreshing chance to “weigh in” after having to be so evidential and academic all semester.  You’ll also notice that this assignment is a preview for the pre-writing assignment as we will be using essentially the same skills and structure to form our own essay ideas. Purchase the answer to view it

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