Paper Writing Services (in lieu of a term paper) have to be comparable in work to an eight- to ten-page term paper. trtoie itre requirements

as a source, use proper citation format in your list of references: ExamPle: Landsberger J. Citing websites. study Guides ano s-t11t9gies.12 May 2005. Available at http://www.studygs.n_et/citation.htm,AccessedMayl32005′ Go to the Library and get to know a “biological sciences” librarian, very well’ An online journal article is not a website and should be referenced as a journal article’ FOR YOUR

The Project Choose i topic/project that has entomological application and is equal in rigor to producing an B-10 page research paper. you can either write a paper (instructions below) or you can do another type of project. Some ideas are listed below but you are not limited to these, you should do a bit of research before you decide what you will do -are there enough resources available to complete your project? How much time will your project take-will you have enough time ts semester? Don’t the the Digital submission of Projects All-term papers and any other written documents must be submitted/uploaded into the appropriate folder on the Desire 2 Learn website for ts course, No hard copy (paper) copies of these types of projects should be submitted. Project Rules Semester projects (in lieu of a term paper) have to be comparable in work to an eight- to ten-page term paper. trtoie itre requirements for fuil points as listed in the suggestions. Projects will not be returned (papers and projects become the property of the Entomology Department). Due Dates The due dates for the Student lnformation sheet and for the term papers/projects are in the syllabus. Late penalties applyforsubmission beyond the due date. (’10 points off perday late) 1. Research papers papers must be typed, double spaced, one-inch margins, no larger than 12-point font, and from eight to ten pages in lengin. The papers will not be returned, All statements not originating with the author of tne ierir paper riust be aitributed to the sourc e, and be sure to cite your references witn the text’ Include a selected bibliography of all references used (MLA or APA formats). A minimum of six references is required (see Grading, below), No more than ONE of these can be an internet website tour.., lf you download journal articles (pdf format) thru the library’s online research services these do not count as internet website sources. See the end of ts section on how to cite papers and list your bibliography, For full points, don’t forget the lessons you learned about writing a research paper. Start with an introductory paragraphlhat sets the stage for the paper-defines the topic to be discussed and the limits of that topii.’ Each paragraph that follows should be a complete thought and transition smoothly into the next paragraph. Follow your points logically, that is, don’t jump around. Your conclusion paragraph should serve to summurize the points of the paper. Wle ts class isn’t English 101, proofread your work, correct spelling errors, etc. In a research paper your points and discussion should be supported by references and cited in the text’ It should not be based upon personal opinion. Following are some ideas foiresearch paper topics. You are not limited to these, but you should pick a tooic that is VERy SpEClFlC, Do not handicap yourself by choosing a topic that is way too broad to be covered in 10 pages: s5 *Sometngtodowithyourossignedinsectfomi|yoroneporticu|arorderorgroupof * ff:tJ:t f ly (one porticulor kind – h,umon’ cottle’ horse’ etc’) .i. Honeyiees/commerciol pollinotion/honey .:. ColonY ColloPse disorder : :::$,ffir1lii”””iilli’;ffi,T::r?r ror poriticorand socior scientists) bv Ed wirson * rnsect_bor ne diseases (choose on” ond discuss oll ospects of its diseose cycle & impocts where it occurs) * Forensic entomology (reol-life CSI!) * Insect inf luences in engineering ond ovrotion .|. Aquotic insects (any f ly-f ishermen * in” room?) & their use in biologicol monitoring * Insects ond ForestrY : [*H”:T#iJi?:P.l on on the endansered species list ond discuss whot threatlns it & where it still occurs) .i. Insect pests of wildlife ( o specif ic exampla) .:. Insect pests of livestock ( o specif ic exomple) .,.rnsecrsosbiologicolcontrotogents(tikelodybugs,porosrto’d’::2::::locewings)- maybe “u”n uiojlgi.oi.ont.ot -of o,n.porticular plont or other orgontsm *Porosites(ectoporosrtes,bitingf|ies,porosrticwormsvectoredbyinsects,|ike heortworms, guineo worms’ eye worms’ & topeworms) .t Porositoids Gt;;;;;’tl ) Worth looking ts one up too) * Insect potiroroli (uti ot”nt”tt diseases os pesticides) * Geneticalrymodif ied orgonisms “.-irrnd, (f or exomp le, geneticolly engineered plonts that contoin the insecticide Bt) * Bacillus thuriingiensis (great topic!; see obove) * Insects in liteiotur e’ religionor f olklore (pick on exomple) * Insects ono global climote chonge .i’ Insect resistance to pesticides i i*:*;ll,lffi#iJllil;’iililliil, .”,,0 sororarmost onv erouP ‘eos ond rice * ilgrf ff[“or”rX”]:” of orthropods. rs con ba importont miritorv srorv/compoigns, bugsusedosWeoPons,storico|ro|eofrnsect-borne/veclorzddiseoses,orsrmi|orimpoct .i. lt*?ril:ilffi]i,ilffiTl}Tf:Tffiil”:d, o|d mosters, preh storic ond primitive ort; etc. , — -^.,^ra

Sample references
  • (‘Catania, K., Huang, C., James, P., Madison, M., Moran, M., & Ohr, M. (2007). PUPPI:The pressure ulcer prevention protocol interventions. AJN The American Journalof Nursing, 107(4), 44-52.’,)
  • (‘Fischoff, B. 2013. For those condemned to study the past. In B. Fischoff (ed), Judgment and Decision-making, 50-64, New York: Earthscan’,)
  • (‘Hu, P. S., and T. R. Reuscher. 2005. Summary of Travel Trends: 2001 National Household Travel Survey, Report FHWA-PL-07-010. Washington, DC: Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation.’,)
  • (‘Damschroder, L., Banaszak-Holl, J., Kowalski, C. P., Forman, J., Saint, S., & Krein, S.(2009). The role of the “champion” in infection prevention: Results from amultisite qualitative study. Quality and Safety in Health Care, 18(6), 434-440.266’,)

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