CHD 204 1. are preschoolers like? 2. Define and . 3. do preschoolers do? 4. do preschoolers need? 5. Define and . 6. List the dimensions of an environment advocated

CHD 204 1.  are preschoolers like? 2.  Define and . 3.  do preschoolers do? 4.  do preschoolers need? 5.  Define and . 6.  List the dimensions of an environment advocated by Prescott. 7.  Describe an environment that provides for initiative. 8.  List opportunities for children provided through good storage of materials. 9.  Define . 10.  List environments that foster initiative 11.  Describe an environment that s to develop creativity. 12.  List factors for creativity. 13.  Describe an environment for learning through play. 14.  Where do you begin when deciding how to set up a room? 15.  should you know about pathways in the room? 16.  How can you modify a classroom for children with special needs? 17.  List suggestions for welcoming children with special needs. 18.  Describe an environment for outdoor play. 19.  List suggestions for an environment that fosters play. 20.  How can you plan for safety? 21.  Define and . 22.  Describe an environment that fosters self-control. 23.  Define and . 24.  List features found in schedules that meet children’s needs. 25.  List principles of developmentally appropriate transitions for preschoolers. 26.  Define .  Describe kindergarten today. 27.  Define and . 28.  is the kindergarten dilemma? 29.  List inappropriate physical environments for preschoolers.

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