Defense I have imitated a poem by James Wright called “Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy’s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota.” I chose this

Defense I have imitated a poem by James Wright called “Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy’s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota.”  I chose this poem because of the ending.  This man is relaxing in a hammock looking at all of nature around him and the last line of the poem is, “I have wasted my life.”  This poem reminded me of my trip to San Antonio where I just sat at the pool all day lounging and watching everything around me.  At the end of the night I have pondered so much about like I had realized I needed to turn my life around the very same way James Wright wrote a poem about. In my poem I chose to imitate the style of writing Wright used.  The first twelve lines of the poem describe beautiful scenery and the last line is just thrown in there about what he had been thinking about the whole time he was watching the scenery.   The poem has a very melancholy tone.  In line three Wright used a simile, so I did too.  I described how the spider was “blowing like a stray leaf in the wind.”  Wright’s poem also did not rhyme.  It was more descriptive and straightforward. Before almost every noun there was a descriptive adjective in Wright’s poem.  The last two words of the first four lines in “Lying in a Hammock” were adjective then noun.  I also chose to do the same in my imitation.  I used adjectives like dark, EXAMPLE: Pastiche Hanging Out at the Pool  in San Antonio, Texas To the side of me I see a dark spider,  Crawling up his masterful web,  Blowing like a stray leaf in the brief wind. Over the walkway beside the bronze casita; The children play          5 Into the sunset of dusk. To my left,  In a pool chair just to the side of me,  My boyfriend  Relaxing in the gentle breeze,         10 I relax my chair, as darkness comes upon us, A few raindrops hit the umbrella,  I have not lived my life right. masterful, stray, bronze, and brief. The creative process I followed was first finding a poem or short story that I enjoyed. When I came across Wright’s poem it really got my imagination going.  I was thinking about the last time I have relaxed so much with nothing to do but ponder life.  I think jotted down things I saw while I was laying by the pool because Wright’s poem is descriptive of the scenery around him.  After jotting down some descriptive scenery, I used Wright’s poem as a guideline and put my own together.  My imitation was the same number of lines as Wright’s poem also.  Because I noticed the simile in line three I made my own simile.  The last line is probably the most important to thins poem and I had to make sure it would have the same impact as the original poem.  Because I have been pondering life lately and if I have been doing the right thing, the ending to my poem left with the thought that I haven’t been living my life right. One of the challenges I encountered when writing my imitation was the amount of adjectives Wright used.  A few examples are “bronze butterfly, black trunk, green shadow, empty house, two pines.” Basically before all of my nouns I had to add an adjective to my poem.  Also because Wright used a simile in line three I had the challenge of coming up with a simile in the same place.  The title was easy to imitate because it was what he was doing and then where.  So I was lying by the pool in San Antonio, Texas, just like he was lying in a hammock in Pine Island, Minnesota. My imitation of “Lying in a Hammock at William Duffy’s Farm in Pine Island, Minnesota” was effective.  By using the style Wright used and the surprise of the last line, my poem was melancholy and life changing too.  I am not too much of a creative person.  I normally am factual and to the point.  I’d rather write scientifically, but after writing this poem by imitating another one I feel that I can write creatively and feel that my poem was pretty creative.

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