EH 1302 – Daily Writing 3.1 – Due October 24, 2017 Study the “Additional Example of a Works Cited Page” handout. Use that handout for primary guidance when completing the

EH 1302 – Daily Writing 3.1 – Due October 24, 2017 Study the “Additional Example of a Works Cited Page” handout. Use that handout for primary guidance when completing the assignment below. The little red notations on the handout are for instructional purposes only. Do not place little red notations on your Works Cited assignment page. Do not number your citations. For additional with formatting citations, check the “How To” section. Use the numbered partial bibliographical information below to locate the five sources on the Internet. After the sources are located, create five complete MLA-style citations on a Works Cited page. One page, five citations. IMPORTANT: When I check your completed citations, the cited sources must lead me to the complete articles on the Internet, not a summary, abstract, review, or recapitulation of the articles. This assignment is to develop one Works Cited page that includes a full citation for each of the following sources. One page, five citations. 1. A 2017 article by Gettysburg College junior Alissa Lopez published in The College Conservative entitled “Liberals, the Eternal Pessimists.” 2. Use the Nichols databases to find and cite a November 3, 2014, article titled “7 Ways Joe Madden Can the Cubs.” 3. We ofttimes hear or read the question, “ would Jesus do?” or WWJD. When confronted with sin, would Jesus accept sin as being “politically correct,” would he remain silent about sin, would he simply consider it as an acceptable lifestyle, or would Jesus casually comment on it as an everyday occurrence? In the New Testament, we are told exactly what Jesus would do when confronting people who sin. The inspired writer in the English Standard Version informs us that a woman was once brought to Jesus who had been caught in the act of adultery, a sin. In that situation we are told what Jesus would do. Cite (full citation) the book, chapter, and verse that reveals Jesus’s eight-word command to that woman. The course How To section contains examples of Bible citations. 4. An FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin article entitled “Working toward the Truth in Officer-Involved Shootings.” The source must be the Law Enforcement Bulletin. 5. A 460-word, March 13, 2017 article titled “Woman’s car crushed when dump truck overturned after curve – $1,103,580 Settlement” published in the Virginia Lawyers Weekly. NOTE: See below (in red) for a search path.    Do not number or bullet your citations. All sources above are online and are accessible to you without registration or subscription. During your online research to complete each citation, if any of the  Websites ask you to register or subscribe to anything, my advice is to not register or subscribe. Instead, search for another source. As of the date of this assignment, I located the articles without having to register or subscribe to any Website. All sources must be found online, and the exact, full URL (Internet address) must be included in the Works Cited page citation. Do not use the word Web, the protocol http://, or the sub-domain (host) www in your citations. Each citation is worth 20 points on this activity

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