Explain how the process works to transform a social change problem into a proposed policy solution. In particular, emphasize the following: From the human services

Explain how the process works to transform a social change problem into a proposed policy solution. In particular, emphasize the following: From the human services perspective, how would policy be formulated on the specific social change problem in the government example Simon offers in Chapter 6 of ? Elements of a Standard Policy Statement
b. not to include
i. Should not include the history of how the policy was developed and
neither should it contain any procedural steps.
5. Introduction
1. Policy Title
a. Describe the steps that were taken to develop the policy (i.e., community
a. Key points to follow when determining the policy
involvement, agency personnel recommendations, administrators’ comments.)
b. Title must include verbs to either show separation from another closely titled
in no more than 250 words
policy, or to indicate which portion of the topic will be covered by the policy
6. Policy Statement
Example: Establishment of operational rules for office activities; acceptable and
a. This is the most important section. INCLUDE IN THIS SECTION:
unacceptable activities.
i. Who is the primary audience (who needs to follow this policy?)
2. Brief Description
ii. In what situation(s) does this policy not apply
a. A short summary of the policy in 150 words; specific details should not be
ili. are the major conditions or restrictions?
iv. is expected of employees, governing body?
3. Policy Applies to …
v. Are their special situations where the policy is excluded?
a. Specify who the policy is targeting
(Here are the rules for the policy owner/writer to follow when drafting the policy
i. Business
1. Board of Directors
o Sentences and paragraphs must be clear and understandable for the target
3. Middle Management
o Acronyms may be used if spelled out completely the first time the phrase is
4. General Personnel
used (e.g., principal director (PD), National incident Management
ii. Non-Profit
Association (NIMA).
1. Board of Directors
o Use strong action words (will, must, are responsible for, etc). Do not use
2. Executives
"shall" in the policy statement.
3. Program Directors
not to include:
4. Program service personnel
o The policy statement should not include background details on the policy nor
iii. Government
should it contain procedural steps. Avoid using a specific label, such as the
1. Legislative Body
name of a software product. Generic terms are more long lasting and
2. Judicial Body
require less future maintenance.
3. Executive
7. Definitions
4. Program Managers
a. Terms such as "procedures," "guidelines," – define unfamiliar or technical terms
5. Program service personnel
or terms with special meanings.
6. Program Delivery
Related Policies, Procedures, Forms, Guidelines, and other Resources
4. Reason for Policy
a. List information (documents and sources) that supports the specific policy in this
a. Information in this section answers the question, Why does the Policy need to
section such as: Administrative Policy Statements, Procedures, Forms,
exist. Key areas include:
Guidelines, and other resources.
i. Program, legal or regulatory reasons
9. story
ii. Description of the conflict or problem the policy will solve
a. This is a record of policy changes by date with any summary of changes.
iii. are the overall expected benefits?
10. Key Words
iv. If there are other lows, rules, regulations, policies or practices that this
a. List of related terms, or phrases both found and not found in the Policy
proposed policy is associated with, specifically reference these in this
statement that other people might use to search for the policy.

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