Hello Class! For this discussion respond to of the following questions: Tell us about yourself so you can meet and greet other fellow Grantham University

Hello Class! For this discussion respond to of the following questions: Tell us about yourself so you can meet and greet other fellow Grantham University students within your course. Include what you believe to be your current knowledge level of this course topic and what you hope to learn before the course is over. What is your experience with performance consulting or workplace training? Does your employer feel that training is essential to the workplace? Explain your expertise in this field. The purpose of this case study is to take the learning from concept to application. We will visit this case study in each module. You as the learner will identify your actions as the consultant for the client. As you formulate your responses, feel free to reference the text. In addition support your points with credible sources (professional or academic) external to the course. The university library database is an excellent place to start and use of tuition funds. Other good start places for research are: The Green Organization is a conglomerate of many smaller business units. The organization has offices globally. Some offices are contracted independent agents representing the interests of the business unit. The Green Organization was founded over 50 years ago and has combined gross revenues of around $1 Billion. The leadership in the corporate office has been solid for the past 20 years. The CEO emeritus and Founder Jonathan A. Green has stepped down from his position to take a less active role in the daily operations and semi-retire. He has prepared his successor, his son Jordan A. Green and mentored him for the past 5 years to take over the role as head of the organization. The Green family are the owners of the organization. Jonathan owns 75% of the company. Other family members and creditors have partial shares making up the remaining 25%. Jordan has taken over the current role of CEO and Executive Board Member in the last year. He previously has served in executive roles in the different business units which include: Finance, Investment, Real Estate Holdings Group, Mergers and Acquisitions, Consulting, Training and Development, and the Corporate office. His latest position was Co-CEO with his father for  six months prior to his father’s departure. He is a firm believer in productive, effective, and innovative training that improves overall performance. He is looking to bring on multiple consultants to improve the productivity of the different business units and the organization as a whole. He has an idea of what he wants. There are many different types of consultants available. He is looking for an explanation of the different types of consultants. This term you will develop a consulting plan that you will submit in Week 8. This should target the industry in which you intend to work upon graduation. You are the business owner and will develop the company based on your expertise and knowledge in your industry. You are required to use outside research for this project throughout the term. You may want to work on this plan throughout the term. This is an extensive project, so be proactive and do not wait until the last minute to begin working on this assignment. This week you will complete the first part of the project with an introduction to the company describing your target audience, the client issue or problem, your objective and the desired outcome for consideration. You will then create your company’s purpose statement and mission statement. You will also introduce the following topics: Strategy, Marketing, Personnel, Products and Services, Demographic served Action Plan, and the Evaluation Process. The only part that must be fully developed this week is the company introduction, purpose statement, and mission statement. You will fill in the additional sections in the coming weeks of this course. Enter or paste your written work and/or click “Attachments” to upload your files. Week 2 The Green Organization serves all socioeconomic groups across the globe. The Real Estate Holdings group leases and sells luxury apartments in Manhattan. They also own and manage a portfolio of homes they lease to the disadvantaged, or severely infirm. The teams employed in this group range from high end real estate sales to the socially conscious leasing agent, a broad spectrum. The Mergers and Acquisitions group buys and sells companies across the globe. The group not only does this for the Green Organization, they also broker business sales, mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships for clients. Brokers work with current and prospective clients to determine what the right business is, how to structure the deal, fix and flip, and business development. Personnel are diverse in professional sales and business skills. The average employee in this group has a minimum BA and 10 years in this industry. Turnover is very low. All personnel are well compensated. The Finance Group provides funding and investing sources for the other groups as well as external clients. Clients can include automobile dealerships, lines of credit at retail stores, personal loans, and micro loans. The group manages a portfolio of around $10 Billion. The company owns 50% of the portfolio. The remaining 50% is client funds. The personnel range from Aggressive hard driving sales people working with large organization to fund development or sell loan portfolios to the small business lender and individual lender to make micro-loans (amounts under 10K) to start a business. Select and submit 2 appropriate templates and Power Point layout screens. Suggested sites include but are not limited to: Submit the approximate cost of your proposal/services. Take into consideration your time, materials, resources, travel, etc. For salary information: www.salary.com You will respond in essay form following APA format. You will include citations crediting your research and you should provide at least one outside resource aside from your current course reading. Your paper should be a minimum of 3 pages in length and should include real-life scenarios. Be sure to continue working on your final project this week. Though there is nothing due this week for your project, you should still be putting some time and effort into it so that it does not become overwhelming as you get closer to the final week of the course. Week 3 Disscussion Peter Drucker is revered as the Father of Modern Management but his influence goes beyond the field of management.  View the ‘Peter Drucker Says’ interview and share your comments insights on his wisdom with your classmates. (4:29) What did you think about what he had to say? What surprised you? What disappointed you? What tools can you use moving forward? The Green Organization has contracted with you to develop a training program for improving performance and effectiveness in their regional offices globally in the Real Estate Group. The Group accounts for over 10% of gross revenues to the organization, or around $500 Million. The organization is requesting a plan for how you will assess, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate progress in key performance objectives as to sales and customer service. The organization is expecting a minimum 15% increase in profitability as a result of increased performance. They leave the process and training approach up to you. You must train the offices and all necessary staff. Peter Senge is a world-renowned author whose book, The Fifth Discipline received numerous honors. In 1997, Harvard Business Review identified the book as one of the most influential management books of the past 75 years.  When finished viewing the clip, share your thoughts on his message with your classmates. (3:11) What did you think about what he had to say? What surprised you? What disappointed you? What tools can you use moving forward? The Green Organization is a multinational corporation with offices around the globe. The organization has over 500 full time employees and over 1500 contracted positions across its footprint. The diversity of the individuals and teams working for the organization is multicultural. One of the key components of the organization is to operate in accordance to the laws and traditions of the host country. The Green Organization brings employees and its contractors to different regional training centers for cross cultural training. The organization also provides training on the different workplace cultures. As many individual and cultural characteristics are learned or based on environmental influence, the organization has an open dialog as to how they can best serve a particular region, territory, or client. Flexibility and adaption are very important to the success of the trainings and the organization as a whole. Part of your assignment as a contractor is to present to the executive leadership the importance of regional cultures as well as workplace culture in training and in the workplace. Provide practical examples of how to best adapt and accommodate to the needs of a region for an organizational leader being transferred to a new region unfamiliar to them. Week 4 Assignment The Titanic disaster was largest passenger steamship in the world.  In 1912, the ship hit an iceberg and 1,517 lives were lost.  In 1997 this tragic disaster was memorialized in the award winning film, “The Titanic”. View the video clip on Root Case Analysis (9:07) and follow the process as the consultant goes deeper into the causes of this disaster. .  In your opinion, why would it not be sufficient to be satisfied with the simple cause?  Why was the deeper search as to the cause necessary?  Share your comments and opinions with your classmates. The Green Organization Executive Team has met with you and their Leadership Teams for each group. The key objectives for increasing the performance are decided upon. The challenges now are training the groups and the teams within the group to have a clear and concise understanding of the next steps in the process. Overestimating the potential of a project or end result can lead to disaster. The video clip that is part of this week’s lesson addresses root cause analysis. We are quick to judge or blame when the results are less than desired. How will you design, develop, implement, and evaluate the training program you have presented? The different groups are dealing with different cultures, various levels of education and experience, and differing motivation levels to succeed. Sharing and instilling the organization’s mission, purpose, and strategy are integral to this training. Sharing the organizational goal is important to be communicated at the corporate level as well as in each independent group. Each group must develop and implement their own organizational, team and individual goals that are in line with the organizational goals. Like others you have viewed in this YouTube series, Meg Wheatley is an outstanding organizational consultant.  Among her major accomplishments include work on Action Learning with the US Army.  View the two clips that feature Meg discussing engagement and conversation.  Of the ten principles Meg speaks of which ones are most significant to you?  Share your insight with your classmates. The training is done. The organization has been officially trained as to how performance improvement will be implemented. All groups within the entire organization are keyed into the Vision, Purpose, Mission, and Goals of The Green Organization. All groups, all teams, and all employees are working in a singular focus to executing the chosen strategy that will carry their group and the organization forward as a competitive leader in their chosen industry. Training and consulting is more than holding several one day seminars and executing the commands sent down from on high. The executive leadership understands the value of the initial training. The initial training is meaningless without feedback and follow up. As you have seriously invested over the last 6 months implementing this training and building relationships. You are keenly aware of the idiosyncrasies of individuals, offices, groups, and cultures within the workplace settings. The results are just starting to come in. They are quite favorable. As an overview the different groups report an 8.25% increase in revenue and sales, while reporting an average 9% decrease in overhead. The executive leadership is looking to take performance over the top. They have turned to you to give this movement inertia to move better, faster, stronger, while staying focused on the goal and implementing the vision, strategy, and plans set forth over the past 6 months. You must now design, develop, and present a follow up plan to strengthen and continue the performance improvement across the organization. Week 7 Discussion The Green Organization Executive Leadership has requested you provide a summary of your consulting work over the term of what has been 12 months of consulting. It is time to evaluate the effectiveness, impact, and results of their investment in performance improvement and performance consulting.  You must prepare a presentation that summarizes the processes used to achieve the reported results. Explain what tools have been used and their effectiveness. Provide feedback and recommendations for continued performance consulting if advisable. The executive leadership will be determining their decision as to whether to continue or pursue other opportunities for the next 12 months. . Week 7 Assignment This summary should be a minimum of two pages and should follow proper APA essay format. Week 8 Revew and Reflection Review and reflect on what you learned in the past 8 weeks. What is the most practical and easily applied lesson you learned? What was the hardest to grasp? Why? What else do you need to know about Measurement and Assessment Strategies? The Green Organization has been very impressed with your work as a Performance Consultant. The CEO emeritus and current CEO both tell you they really appreciate your work this past year and the care you provided to their “family” business. They have made several warm referrals to their corporate friends that if worked well will expand your consulting firm exponentially. Excellent work. It is time to complete your own evaluation of your firm’s performance. Part of being an excellent consultant is being able to identify what is working and what is not. Identify the areas that worked and those that will benefit from improvement. Address what will be done to make the necessary and desired changes to improve your firm’s performance. Week 8 Assignment This week you will submit the Final Consultant Proposal. Your completed proposal will be a minimum of 10 pages. Your work should include the following:

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