Hello this is a HPRS-1303 (END of LIFE ISSUES) class . THIS the END of COURSE REFLECTION writing assignment. This is due April 29, 2018 before 11:59 pm. read the

Hello this is a HPRS-1303 (END of LIFE ISSUES) class . THIS the END of COURSE REFLECTION writing assignment. This is due April  29, 2018 before 11:59 pm. read the instructions below and NO plagiarism. There  will be no video this week.  Instead, you are being asked to write an  eight to ten page essay, not including cover page, abstract, and  reference page, reflecting on what you have learned in this course.  You  must touch upon the ethical and moral concerns you learned about, the  emotional issues, the physical issues, and at least one other salient  issue regarding end of life.  Support your thoughts through the use of peer reviewed scholarly sources from MedLine, Ebsco, ProQuest, and/or Google Scholar. You must provide at least three additional sources in addition to any of the videos you cite. adhere to formatting guidelines (10) Entire paper is double spaced with 1” margins ____ (10) 12pt font, New Times Roman ____ (10) Correct Running head ____ (10) Title, name, school name centered and double-spaced ____ (10) Provides complete overview of paper, 150-250 words ___ (10) Block style w/no  paragraphs, flush left ____ ____ (10) All pages have title in ALL CAPS, left side ____ (10) Page numbers, right side ____ (10) Full title, first page, centered ____ (10) In-text citations include necessaryinfo in parentheses after borrowed material ____ (10) In-text citations punctuated correctly ____ ____ (10) Page is titled References & is centered ____ (10) References are alphabetical ____ (15) Minimum of 3 CREDIBLE sources(5 points each) ____ (10) Sources listed are cited at least one time within the body of the paper ____ (10) References include all info required for APA style ____ (10) Punctuation is accurate ____ (10) Capitalization is correct ____   (5) Hanging indent is used for entries longer than 1 line ____ (10) Engaging intro gains attention ____ (10) Includes concise thesis statement that clearly states the main idea ____ (10) Meets length requirement of 8-10 page minimum ____ (10) Each paragraph has a topic sentence ____ (10) Each paragraph relates to the thesis ____ (10) Paragraphs are logically organized ____ (10) Supporting statements are relevant & do not state the obvious ____ (10) Transitions used between & within paragraphs ____ (10) Wraps up paper’s main ideas w/out restating them verbatim ____ ____ (10) Formal without being “wordy” ____ (10) Free of slang, contractions or text speak ____ (10) Free of personal pronouns ____ (10) Free of “you” ____ (10) Variety of sentence structures used – fluent ____ ____ (10) Vivid, descriptive ____ (10) No overused words from charts ____ (10) Active verbs prevail over passive verbs ____ (5) No run-ons ____ (5) No fragments ____ (5) Verbs agree with subjects ____ (5) Pronouns agree with antecedents ____ (5) No spelling errors ____ (5) No homophone errors(bear/bare, weather/whether) ____ (5) Capitalization is correct ____ (5) Words, phrases and clauses joined by “and” are parallel

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