Informational interviews are a crucial and often overlooked aspect of networking. They are the best ways to find out about a type of occupation and

Informational interviews are a crucial and often overlooked aspect of networking. They are the best ways to find out about a type of occupation and make a contact. Informational interviews are person-to-person conversations that you gain information, insight, and advice from people who are in the functional areas, industries, and companies that hold your interest. You will conduct an informational interview to gain greater insight into the job or career you are investigating. Select an individual who has experience in the job that you aspire to have. First, identify the industry and career or job you want to learn more about. Do some background research and identify the organizations you would like to know about and the people who can give you the information you need. Your interview should be conducted with someone who is actually doing the work you are interested in finding out more about and has sufficient experience working in your field of career interest. You can use people you already know to give you the contact details of these workers, such as friends, relatives, colleagues, and professors. You can call the Human Resources department of relevant organizations and ask for contact details of people in the position you are investigating. You can also get names of suitable workers from career offices, employment agencies and professional organizations and directories. To set up the interview, contact the relevant individual and request an opportunity to talk with them for about 20-30 minutes. Tell them straight away that you want to learn more about the industry, job, and company and that you have prepared a list of questions to ask them. You need to reassure them that you are but you are only seeking advice. This way they will be more comfortable with meeting you. It is important to arrange the information interview at the person’s work site so you can get a feeling for the organization. The key to a successful interview is preparation. Use your background research to understand the basics of the industry, company and specific position. Prepare a list of the questions you want answers to. Use the sample questions to you plan good, information-seeking questions to ask. List about ten to fifteen questions to ask about the following areas of employment in this career field: Use these examples of good informational interview questions to you prepare for your information interview. Following the interview, submit a 2-3 page report outlining your findings and some of the interviewee’s more notable comments. What did you learn most from the informational interview? In the written interview report, be sure to show in the heading or the first paragraph the full name and title of the person you interviewed, the name, address, and telephone number of the company, and the date of the interview.

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