MY POST Research Methods The BSN educated RN may work in the same roles as those of associated degree educated RN plus a few more.

MY POST Research Methods The BSN educated RN may work in the same roles as those of associated degree educated RN plus a few more. Many big teaching hospital will hire BSN educated RN’s only. The Direct entry or Accelerated BSN program is intended for those students that hold a Bachelor’s degree in another major. The Accelerated BSN focuses on nursing classes and nursing prerequisites only. These are inclusive of physiology and anatomy and other sciences. The top four things to look for in a nursing school are;Convenience. For one to be able to go to school and arrive in time is very crucial, his is because punctuality is one of the things that most institution is strict about. Their intention is to instill a sense of professionalism as well as responsibility in their students . Affordability, since nursing school offer financial aid, scholarships, and grants, it s a lot of student who cannot afford to pay cash for school. This is usually very ful in ing the students to acquire money to attend.Requirements for BSN degree vary from one university o another. They include both general education requirements for them to complete prerequisites before the nursing school admission requirements. Traditional BSN programs to take about 4 years for it to get completed. This is inclusive of all non-nursing prerequisite classes as well as nursing prerequisites and nursing classes. With these being excluded, the course would take about 2 years. Clinical hours are also included in this period. Some of the school will require one to attend eight hundred clinical hours so as to graduate from this program. It is a good idea for a nurse who wants to complete his/her BSN program to enroll as fast as they can since the united states government said that by the end of 2020 they will only be employing nurses that ate BSN educated. This could mean an added advantage of opportunities for people who have completed their BSN programs. On the other hand it is due to how competent and good reputation that follows BSN nurses wherever they go. It is said that according to research, BSN nurses have been associated with good performance as well as lowered mortality rate when they are working in institutions to take care of patients. This might be the factor that spears the government to want every nurse to go through this process MY PROFESSOR COMMENT Re: Effectiveness of Online BSN Programs. You have incorrectly completed this section. You need to explain the steps you took in order to complete your research, the tools you used and how you handled those tools. The method is about your research and not about other people’s research! Most probably you used a meta-analysis method. read samples submitted by other classmates, which I approved. Also, you may check practice that we completed in class. This is a clear example of plagiarism. fix and resubmit.

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