orth 10% of your grade. You need to only submit one reflection as a group. Step 3: Submit Social Analysis Proposal (December 05) After you

orth 10% of your grade. You need to only submit one reflection as a group.
Step 3: Submit Social Analysis Proposal (December 05)
After you completed Reflective Assignments 1 and 2, you will work on the final social analysis project as a group. For this assignment, you will research
about one of the issues you have discussed in the previous assignments and do a social anlysis using the Triangle Model of Social Analysis.
For your Final Social Analysis project you should consider the following points:
How is the social problem defined? Do some research to discover the nature and scope of the problem.
1. How do individuals and communities experience the problem? Who does it affect?
2. How do different ideologies frame the social problem? Specifically, what do people with different ideological
beliefs claim is the cause of and solution to the particular problem?
3. How do the rules and practices within social institutions create, maintain, and/or alleviate the effects of
the social problem?
This assignment is worth 25% of your grade. Your final project can be submitted in a number of different formats,
including an essay, infographic, a set of presentation slides, a podcast, a video, etc.
I will provide more information, including how to cite your references and possible research topics, as we get closer to the submission date for each
Best wishes,
MacBook Air 1)Three Issues that we believe are important are. 1.  Gender Inequality and bias As a woman or neutral gender, this is a critical problem for our sense of self-identity. Throughout our childhoods, we are taught to assume particular gender-specific tasks and obligations. In the case of children, toys such as toy vehicles and robots will be given to boys and dolls to females. Our hobbies as children don’t really matter, but our subconscious biases lead us to conceive of positions as either masculine or female. Everything is based on two genders which are men or women. As adults, males have greater possibilities to study, work and even get top positions just because of their gender. Our sense of self and identity is greatly impacted by these kinds of incidents, particularly for women. Women have to work twice as hard to establish their worth to the rest of the world as males do. A lot has changed, but it doesn’t that our culture is highly patriarchal and these same values are still being passed down to our children. When it comes to equal opportunity, we should strive for gender equality so that men and women and other genders alike have equal access to the same opportunities. 2 Our identity is impacted by racism and ethnic prejudice, which is a severe issue. For the longest period, African Americans in the United States have felt inferior to whites. Slavery is the root cause of this. This has a negative impact on the chances available to minorities, putting them at a disadvantage compared to whites. For example, A person’s race, ethnicity, and culture are three of the most complicated and multidimensional influences on their identity. Both the definitions of these groupings by its members and by society are continually evolving, and these parts of our lives are no exception. While we can’t change our race or ethnicity, we can decide whether or not to embrace the cultures, religions, and practices into which we’re born. An additional factor that impacts how we see ourselves comes from our sexual orientation. Our sexual orientation becomes clearer to us as we mature. Since Heterosexuality is the most widely recognized sexual orientation, many individuals who identify as LGBTQA find it difficult to come out and be who they really are. Many individuals avoid revealing their genuine identities out of fear of being abused or rejected. It has a profound impact on their personal and professional lives. You can choose one of them which you are easy with that 1)

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