Respond in a paragraph on this discussion board about the APA 7th Edition. In your response, do not just agree or disagree, tell the reason

Respond in a paragraph on this discussion board about the APA 7th Edition. In your response, do not just agree or disagree, tell the reason for your response. Your response must be at least 100 words. Peer 1 APA Discussion Through the documents, I have learned that APA is a documenting style that recognizes the work of others for the work they did by giving them the credit. Therefore, in the text, the sources used will appear. Another basic information that I have been able to learn through the documents is that two special aspects need consideration when talking of APA. That is the reference page and the in-text citation. For instance, according to the video by David Taylor (2010), in-text citation implies that the writer will include the name of the author and the year in which they published the resource material within their worker. However, all the in-texts are then later referred to the reference page where all the sources that have been used in the study are listed. According to the American Psychological Association (2020) requirements, I have learned that on the first page, it is essential to include “running head” before writing the title of the work. However, it is worth noting that the pages that follow after that should only have the title and the page number without the word “running head.” Therefore, for someone familiar with APA formatting, it will be easy whereas someone who is not well conversant with it may find some difficulties. Another essential thing that I have been able to learn is that when using the APA format, the titles of the work should be centralized. However, when there are subtitles under the main title, then the subtitles can be pushed to the furthest left to show that they are under another title. Similarly, the subtitles can as well be in italics. Besides, the reference page should be on its page and not included in the body of the work. One of the challenging aspects of APA is its complexity. Numerous technical guidelines are provided and must be followed when writing a document. For instance, the rules on the margins, references, title, spacing, and paper construction. Therefore, it implies that failure to follow any of the rules, the whole paper will be disregarded. Besides, the guidelines show some of how grammar should be used, spelling and punctuation of the paper as well as bias reduction. However, the best part of the guideline is that it gives a clear direction on how each should be done hence making the word easier for the learner. The area that I would assistance concerning the course is the application of all the APA requirements as stated by the American Psychological Association (2020). Various areas are covered under the APA formatting which can make it easy for me to overlook some. The technical aspects are a bit challenging that I would require proper guidance to learn them. However, I am hoping that I will be able to do it while alone without many difficulties. The samples by the American Psychological Association (2020) in the guidance is very ful as it offers good guidance to the learners. Secondly, the learners can easily use it for revision and practice such that they can keep learning all the time. Another reason why it is ful is that it mentions all the dos and the don’ts of the APA format making it easy for the learners to learn effectively even without the of the instructor. Besides, the technical aspects of APA require guidance for one to understand since they are quite involving. References American Psychological Association. (2020). The basics of the sixth edition APA style. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. Retrieved from APA Style (6th Ed.): Title Page & Running Head – NEW VERSION IN DESCRIPTION. Retrieved from Taylor, D. [David Taylor]. (2010, March 9). APA research paper: APA format and APA citations made easy [Video file]. Retrieved from Tutorials and webinars. (n.d.). Purchase the answer to view it

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