Respond in a paragraph to the discussion board. In your response, DO NOT JUST AGREE OR DISAGREE IN THE RESPONSE, tell the reason for your

Respond in a paragraph to the discussion board. In your response, DO NOT JUST AGREE OR DISAGREE IN THE RESPONSE, tell the reason for your response. Your response must be at least 100 words.  Each answer separately. Use APA 7. Peer1 Kendra Chapter 11 Lecture Summary There are many benefits of problem-solving software. They include games and simulations and they include application of content knowledge/skills which allows them to win the game. This will make students want to learn the skills as opposed to memorizing in order to win. Some of the principles of effective pedagogy applied in educational games include individualization, feedback, active learning, motivation, social, scaffolding, transfer, and assessment. Educational software is beneficial because it gives the student an opportunity to engage in interactive skills that gives immediate feedback. Integrated Learning System (ILS) also provides feedback as well as instructional content, practice, and assessments. Software evaluation criteria involves content accuracy, research-based instructional strategies, effective meets instructional objectives, assessment of learning, and ease of use. The online Educational Software Preview Guide (ESPG) offers titles of over 1,000 software programs that have favorable reviews. The five key components of using NTeQ to integrate problem-solving and educational software are computer functions, research and analysis, activities during computer use, activities before computer use, and activities after computer use. Peer 2 Ariadna Integrating Problem Solving and Educational Software The integration of problem solving and educational software is very beneficial for students. It focuses on skills and approaches specifically in problem solving ability and the main purpose is to strengthen the ability of students of analyzing, predicting, the formulation of ideas, and more. Students apply creative and critical thinking during this process of problem-solving. Software that are mostly use in the classrooms are games and simulations. Games provide an active environment which leads to discovery, students can evaluate their performance and other etc. Students can learn a concept or study for a test in an amusing way, allowing them to design solutions to given problems and giving them immediate feedbacks. When choosing educational software, we need to keep in mind student’s previous knowledge so they can apply what they already know and practice their skills.

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