The purpose of this project is to gain an understanding of what it means to be a leader within an organization and to use characteristics

The purpose of this project is to gain an understanding of what it means to be a leader within an organization and to use characteristics and skills required of a leader in a real- world application. You are also completing this project to you develop the skills of research, critical thinking, teamwork, writing and developing a job announcement. Writing is critical because in business it is important to convey information clearly and concisely and to develop a personal brand.  Developing a personal brand is important because it is the ongoing process of establishing an image or impression in the minds of others especially those in positions above you.  Having a strong personal brand can lead to opportunities that include promotions. This project is the first of three group projects. Members of the team will collaborate acting as a self-managed team.  As a self-managed team, members take a collective responsibility for ensuring the team operates effectively, sets team goals, manages time, makes decisions and solve problems, communicates frequently and clearly, and meets the deadline.  You may have team members that are located all over the world. Working in a virtual environment should not stop the self-managed team from being successful in reaching the final goal. .  If you work outside of the group area, you will not receive credit for the collaborative work. As a self-managed team, the following is the work for which team members are responsible: Collaboration by having one member of the team go into the Group area and create two new threads: Under the first thread, your team will set goals, determine the roles and responsibilities of each team member, determine a schedule for communication, set deadlines (do not set the deadline for the last day), and any other needed schedule to complete the task. Post your Memo from Week 1 into the second thread. You will discuss the critical information in the memos and along with the instructions below, will write a job announcement in narrative format. All students on the team will receive the same grade unless a member fails to participate or does not carry his or her weight in completing the project.  These students will receive a zero or a reduced grade depending on the level of participation and contribution to the team project.  It is each team member’s responsibility to post throughout the week.  Even if students in the group do not post, you will continue to post throughout the week continuing the work and supporting the ideas presented. Teams can consist of 2, 3 or 4 students but should not consists of more than four students. The project can be easily done by two students.  Team members are responsible for completing the project even if a team member does not fulfill his or her obligation of submitting the agreed upon work.  The project cannot be completed individually and students cannot choose to create teams other than those created by the instructor. If the project is submitted after the due date, the Late Assignment policy is applicable. For this project, you are required to use the case scenario facts and the course materials. .  You are not researching on the Internet or using resources from outside the course.  You are expected to answer the requirements identified below showing the connection between the case scenario facts and the course materials.   Using course materials goes beyond defining terms and are used to explain the ‘why and how’ of a situation.  Avoid merely making statements but close the loop of the discussion by explaining how or why , which focuses on importance and impact.  In closing the loop, you will demonstrate the ability to think clearly and rationally showing an understanding of the logical connections between the ideas presented in a case scenario, the course materials and the question(s) being asked.  Using one or two in-text citations from the course material throughout the entire paper will not earn many points on an assignment.  The use of a variety of course materials is expected consistently supporting what is presented.  The support must be relevant and applicable to the topic being discussed.  Points are not earned for mentioning a term or concept but by clearly and thoroughly explaining or discussing the question at hand. Your group will act as Jennifer Dion, Human Resources Director at Biotech Health and Life Products (Biotech). You received an email from the Vice-President. There are two immediate openings that must be filled: Warehouse Operations in Detroit and in Brisbane. The email describes the specifications for a job announcement for these two positions.  You will create a job announcement that can be placed on by incorporating the memorandum details from each group member’s memo from week 1, from the course materials from week 1 and week 2, and the .  You must use a mix of the course materials and not be dependent on the company profile or the memos.  You are not lifting chunks of information directly from the company profile but taking key concepts and turning them into aspects of the job announcement. The group should seek to comply with the requirements of the Indeed website.  [ Your team is not actually submitting on but the quality has to be good enough for submission.  At the same time, do not copy anything from, as this group assignment has to be your original work] The Biotech Leadership Competencies Table will your group determine the leadership competencies important for leadership at Biotech that are critical for the Job Announcement. See the directions for completing that table in the attached document The identified competencies are required to appear in the job announcement and explanatory document. To complete the job announcement: The job announcement and is not a compilation of bullets for the leadership aspect of the project.  The job announcement must comply with the requirements set out by Remember that this job announcement relates to leadership. You will submit documents in the Assignment Folder:

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