This component of student coursework assessment is graded out of 10%. The research paper should analyze one element of poetry in selected poems. (( We Choice Imagery)) •You can choice

This component of student coursework assessment is graded out of 10%. The research paper should analyze one element of poetry in selected poems. (( We Choice Imagery)) •You can choice any poem you want that includes imagery. •You can choice this poem if you didn’t found a poem (Mounting the wall by Robert Frost) it has lot of imagery. 1- Plagiarism must be avoided. 2- Express yourself clearly. Write as if to an anonymous group of academics who are not familiar with your topic. Be explicit, so that they would understand. Procedure: • Choose together a literary movement (such as realism, modernism, etc.) and apply it each to one work of your choice. You should each analyze one work and collaborate on the introduction and conclusion. • You will also submit a Table of Contents (stating which part was written by who) and a list of Works Cited. Essay’s Format: Spacing: Double spaced Font Type: Times New Roman Font: 14 for titles+12 for text Word Count: 300 words for each team member 1 primary source and 1 secondary source per each team member Research Rubrics Area Mark Criteria Intro / Thesis/Conclusion _2.5 __ 2.5-2 – Engaging opening that introduces the essay’s general topic; – Thesis is easily well-phrased argument that assesses the text and addresses a specific idea to be analyzed and proven in the essay; title and author of work are appropriately referenced. – Conclusion restates the argument with fresh language. __ 1.5-1 – Opening is functional but too simplistic, essay’s topic is apparent but needs to be developed to engage the reader; – Thesis may be too general, vague, or imprecisely phrased; – Conclusion restates arguments, but recycles previous statements verbatim. __ 0.5-0 – Opening is ineffective, poorly organized, and undeveloped; – Thesis may summarize plot point rather than present argument about text; – Conclusion contains vague statements, needs development to be effective. Organization—/2.5 __ 2.5-2 Each topic sentence clearly connects to the thesis and offers an identifiable, well-phrased idea to be proven in the paragraph; concrete details are well-chosen and incorporated; transitions between ideas are logical and each idea builds on the preceding. __ 1.5-1 Topic sentences are present but more than one is weak, main idea not discernible, unclear connection to thesis.  Concrete details are present but weak – Lack of coherent organization of ideas within individual paragraphs or from one paragraph to the next; abrupt transitions; essay lacks consistent focus and control of argument; content of paragraphs does not consistently support or connect with thesis. __ 0.5-0 Topic sentences absent or consistently lack focused ideas; there is no discernible argument or point guiding essay; concrete details are absent or ineffective/ insufficient; consistent lack of coherent organization of ideas within paragraphs and from one paragraph to the next. Analysis-/2.5 __ 2.5-2 Writing reflects a critical, analytical understanding of the text; through clear reasoning, writer draws inferences from concrete details to support the connected ideas of the TS and thesis; inferences are well-supported and persuasive; analysis focuses on both thematic and stylistic elements of the text. __ 1.5-1 Writing demonstrates basic comprehension of the text but not a critical, analytical understanding of it, as reflected by lack of focused, developed idea guiding essay; interpretive analysis inconsistent or unsubstantiated; frequent summary of plot details that retell the story; little or no analysis of how stylistic elements of the text create meaning.  Writing marked and weakened by frequent generalizations, unsupported claims, assumptions, vague statement __ 0.5-0 Writing demonstrates some awareness of text details but not a critical, analytical understanding of the text; points made are vague and unsubstantiated; essay lacks focus; no literary analysis present Mechanics- 2.5 __ 2.5-2 Essay includes a variety of sentences; effective syntax and grammar; absence of misspellings, punctuation errors __ 1.5-1 Essay sentences lack variety, awkward syntax and grammar misspellings, contractions, fragments, referring to “you” diminish academic nature of the writing and distract __ 0.5-0 Frequent syntax, grammar, misspelling errors that distract the reader Total:          /10

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