to your colleagues by offering additional ideas to overcome the barriers to strategies suggested by your colleagues and/or by offering additional ideas to facilitate .

to your colleagues by offering additional ideas to overcome the barriers to strategies suggested by your colleagues and/or by offering additional ideas to facilitate . Dissemination Strategies. Dissemination allows providers to build confidence and assertiveness in fulfilling their need to spread knowledge across the clinical settings. That knowledge is also associated with the evidence-based practice that provides the highest quality of care for the patients (Gallagher, Fineout-Overholt, Melnyk & Stillwell, 2011). Two Disseminations Most Inclined to Use The two dissemination strategies that I would be willing to use are organizational podium presentations and poster presentations. Current technology with access to multiple types of mobile devices poses a challenge to those transmitting and gathering relevant information (Zhu et al, 2018. One of the best ways to share the message is by communicating with the public face to face. Being a team member and a future advanced practice nurse, I must be familiar with podium presentations as a dissemination strategy. The healthcare team relies heavily on the nurse for findings and relevant information. Those healthcare teams have a chance to ask and receive an answer immediately when presenting face to face. Podium presentation also provides engagement and flexibility where important points are being addressed. The poster presentation is visual, colorful and people can ask questions related to the information being presented. This type of presentation is appropriate for everyone, it provides an understanding for those with limited English and is a multi-model educational intervention (Dragan & Nicholas, 2013). This dissemination strategy is feasible for my organization where the staff members are less likely to focus without falling asleep. Dissemination Least Inclined to Use The dissemination strategy that I would less likely to use is the peer-reviewed journals. Unlike podium and poster, peer-reviewed journal presentations have no direct feedback involved to the person presenting nor constructive criticism. Possible Barriers The barriers I can encounter with podium presentations would be the inability to answer all the questions from the audience and able to keep everyone engaged while discussing evidence-based practice where some people may have no interest in the subject. Electronic devices are going off every second. The barriers with poster presentations are the inability to fit all the information on the poster and limited space for staff members who are willing to attend the presentation. Poor hand-writing may also be a challenge for the audience to understand the writings on the poster. Overcome Barriers To promote the engagement of the audience, I would provide appropriate lightning to keep everyone awake. I would educate people on the benefits of the evidence being presented. Be able to provide brochures and free pens as gifts. All electronics must be turned off before entering the room. The presentation would be short with questions from the individuals. As far as the poster, no handwriting incorporated, the information would be typed for everyone to understand. Conclusion All the dissemination strategies are important modes of communication, however, careful observation must be made to successfully influence the public interests.

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