Top of Form Classmate 1- only need 2 paragraphs Genetic testing is a type of medical test that identifies changes in genes. I do believe

Top of Form Classmate 1- only need 2 paragraphs Genetic testing is a type of medical test that identifies changes in genes. I do believe that pre-marriage genetic testing is appropriate. I feel as it offers insight on possible genetic issues and it allows you time to act. The aim of the premarital screening is to provide medical advice on the chances of transmitting diseases to the other spouse or children and to provide alternatives for the partners to them prepare for a healthier family. Screening before pregnancy will reassure potential couples that they’re not a carrier or can them make informed pregnancy decisions. Most genetic diseases are known as “recessive disorders,” in other words mean that each parent needs to pass along an affected gene to the baby in order for the child to be affected. I feel like genetic testing would provide the opportunity for couples to plan ahead for the possibly of having a child or children with genetic diseases. It’s all about having all the information possible. One big reason I am in favor of pre-marriage genetic screening is because I have seen firsthand of how stressful, draining both mentally and financially having a child with a genetic disorder could be. Not to be understood as a burden. But I feel that if genetic testing would have been done prior the family would have been more prepared mentally and financially of the future ahead. Gaede, S. (2019, September 16). . John Hopkins Medicine. Reference, G. H. (2020, July 7). Genetics Home Reference. Classmate 2- only need 2 paragraphs Top of Form In my personal opinion, I do not believe it is appropriate for states to require pre-marriage genetic testing. I think it is a great resource to be provided to the community as an option but I don’t think it should be required. I do acknowledge the benefits of having a genetic screening done. It can bring awareness to any underline health issues that may be replicated in the DNA and passed on to a couple’s child. The screening can assist that couple in taking action so that if the parents need to be treated for any health issues, it may not affect their baby’s development. But, despite the benefits of being able to be proactive, I don’t think it should be required. These test can be expensive and not affordable for some families as well. If a couple already knows they have preexisting health issues that they could pass on genetically during pregnancy, they still have the option to choose to conceive a child or not. If they plan to conceive a child regardless of what the genetic results say, why should they be required to be screened or not? There are many people who already know their genetic history, for example dwarfism, sickle cell anemia, or Duchenne muscular dystrophy. These couples still choose to have children despite the risk. They will still love their children regardless of what genes the child inherits. I do believe genetic screening is great but I think it should be an option to test. There is no need to present fear to people when there is still a chance that the baby may not even inherit any genes that could cause illness. Children can still be born with illnesses or disorders that neither the mother or father had traits of. Not everything in life can be prevented. Joy, K. (December 2017). Pros and Cons of Genetic Testing: What to Know Before You Go.

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