Write a 150 post in reply to the following post. “As a cannonball is shot out of a cannon, its projected motion forms a parabola. This parabolic path is dependent

Write a 150 post in reply to the following post. “As a cannonball is shot out of a cannon, its projected motion forms a parabola. This parabolic path is dependent on the launch angle of the cannonball. Comparing 3 launch angles: 30 , 45 , 60 a cannonball launched at an angle of 45 degrees will go the farthest distance. This is because of 2 components of the velocity of the cannonball being fired at a specific degree. The two components are vertical velocity (y) and horizontal velocity (x). The vertical velocity determines how high the object will go and how much time it is in the air. Vertical velocity is affected by gravity having an acceleration of -9.8m/s. Horizontal velocity is not affected by gravity, but there is a trade off of velocity between the vertical and horizontal components. If the canon fires at a 60 degree incline then this increases the vertical component of velocity and shortens the horizontal component. If the cannon fires at 30 degrees then vertical velocity is shorter than the horizontal component, but cant gain enough distance because the cannonball is in the air for the shortest amount of time. If the cannon were to be fired at 45 degrees then you get an even horizontal and vertical component of velocity allowing the cannonball to achieve the highest displacement.” Purchase the answer to view it

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