you will write a 600-750 word reflective essay on your process in developing the podcast in Module 3 and in listening to the other podcasts created by your peers. Your

you will write a 600-750 word reflective essay on your process in developing the podcast in Module 3 and in listening to the other podcasts created by your peers. Your essay should have at least five (5) substantial paragraphs – including an introduction, three (3) body paragraphs (a solid paragraph is at least 5 sentences), and a conclusion – about your experience with writing a podcast script. By drawing evidence from your experience with podcasting, you will do a reflective self-assessment and write a well-developed analysis. Consider the following questions in your essay: I learn to not give up. And try the hardest we can. Here is my script about the podcast. Dream Job- D=Do you want to do what you want, do you want better money? Let’s talk about a dream job . , this is Duygu Selin today I have a special guest! My cousin. G=Hey I am Yeliz . I am a 4th grade student. D= I want to share my dream job with her and give some advice. D= SO, Yeliz do you know want what you want to be when you grow up? G= I don’t really know what I want to be. I’m thinking of being a kid doctor or scientist. D= oh WOW that’s really interesting. Do you want to tell me why you pick those majors? G= alright, One of the reasons that I want to be a kid doctor is I love seeing people happy, especially people who are younger than me. The reason why I also want to be a scientist is I D= Oh, that’s so nice how you love seeing people younger than you. G= So, now tell me what is your dream job? D= Since elementary school my dream job was architecture or civil engineer. And right now I’m majoring civil engineering in college. G= do civil engineers do? D= That’s a great question. Civil engineers design, build, construct and maintain projects and the system in the public and private sector. G= Mhmm. That’s an interesting career. Why did you choose to become an engineer? D= Because I love designing. I have a sketchbook. Most of my cousins are engineers too. I heard it’s a fun major. Also engineers make good money. G= Have you ever designed anything ? Or did you anyone? D= Yes I have. One of my mom’s friends bought a new house. She saw my sketchbook the other day and she asked me to her to design her daughter’s bathroom G= Oh you already have your first experience. D= Yes, I have. I really enjoy it. You have to be careful when choosing your dream job and major. G= Why? D= Because it’s something you will do your entire of your life. So make sure you enjoy it. G= That’s right. I also have another question for you. D= Sure go ahead. G= When you apply for a job do they hire you out of nowhere or do they have requirements ? D= Mhmm most of the jobs have their own requirements. For example if I try to apply for an engineering job the first thing they will ask is if I have a bachelor’s degree. I hope this answered your question. G= is a bachelor’s degree and how long does it take to earn it? D= It usually takes 4 years to earn a bachelor’s degree. It all depends on academic progress. But you need to earn 120 credits for a bachelor’s degree. G= s for having me here, I really enjoyed it ! I learned a lot. D= Your welcome! Wish you the best for your future. Work Cited-

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